How we operate as

Global leaders in the vape industry

Gilla has built a strong platform for growth through investing in or acquiring brands and distribution consumers. Over the past two years,
Gilla has developed and acquired manufacturing operations, premium E-liquid brands and a global distribution platform.

Gilla’s distribution platform operates through a number of domestic subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Slovakia and Hungary.
This allows for the Company to service global clientele locally, allowing for quick responsiveness to customer needs and best-in-class customer support.

One of Gilla’s key strengths is its geographic reach. Gilla currently services 25 countries covering three continents and is focused on
developing its sales and global distribution network by introducing new product offerings, sales incentives and promotional programs along with best-in-class customer service.

Diversified Proprietary E-liquid Portfolio

Gilla has developed and acquired premium E-liquid brands across categories and price points.

Global Geographic Reach

Gilla’s distribution infrastructure services 25 countries spanning three continents, adhering to country-specific packaging requirements.

Efficient Supply and Procurement

Gilla’s manufacturing facilities ensure efficient, sustainable production and supply to the highest quality standards.

Leading Capabilities

Gilla is focused on execution and has retained industry leading executives across sectors including operations, sales and finance.

We are committed to creating a world-leading e-liquid company. 


We manufacture and distribute E-liquids to over 30 countries worldwide. Our efficiently-run manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses ensure mass production and distribution that reaches the highest quality standards in the industry. Our combined operations have the ability to produce more than 30,000 bottles of E-liquid per day.

  • U.S.A.

    475 Fentress Blvd. Suite L
    Daytona Beach, FL

  • Canada

    333 Bay St. Suite 1700
    Toronto, ON,
    M5H 2R2

We’re passionate about the E-liquid industry; committed to creating the leading E-liquid manufacturing company.