Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is dedicated to mixing, bottling, labelling and distributing E-liquids to an on-site warehouse before shipping and delivering to retailers and direct consumers.

Creative Brand Development

We rebuild existing brands to ensure they reach their highest potential, as well as develop new brands with accompanying product lines; each with an original purpose, story and aesthetic.

Optimal Product Experience

Satisfaction of business partners, retailers and direct customers is a priority. We ensure quality of production, distribution, and overall customer experience with each and every bottle.

We are Gilla –  leaders in the vape industry

A global leader in providing consumers with the highest quality and most consistent user experience for nicotine E-liquids and cannabis concentrates.
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Gilla is a global designer, marketer and manufacturer of E-liquid brands, offering a broad product portfolio across multiple categories and price points. Gilla has become a global leader in the E-liquid industry with a selection of over 25 brands and a sales footprint covering more than 25 countries.

What we can offer you

Our talented team is well versed in design, marketing, flavour creation, sales, distribution, co-packing and customer service.

Web Development

Along with brand support, we make all things digital—including websites, online ads, social media content, web banners, email marketing blasts and more!

Marketing Support

Along with targeted sales incentive programs and custom email marketing, our team offers items like branded apparel and shop giveaways to keep customers happy!

Branding and Design

We build strong brands—from ideas into international best-sellers! We incorporate flavour creation, logo and packaging design, along with online and retail marketing support.

Flavor Creation

Our experienced mixologists combine their roster of culinary and scientific talents to develop the most dynamic and in-demand E-liquid flavours.

International Trade Shows

Attending the top industry trade shows is the best way to network. We stay current with the market and showcase our brands proudly with our beautifully designed booths and branded apparel.

Distribution and Co-packing

On top of manufacturing our own portfolio of brands, Gilla has co-pack agreements to manufacture for an additional 20 brands for distribution across the Canadian market.

Our State-of-the-art Facility

Our E-liquids are crafted and developed with the highest standards of quality for industry professionals in we operate out of a state of the art 13, 000 sqtft. ISO- certified manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario. We have additional manufacturing plants worldwide to efficiently accommodate international customers.
  • Operational efficiency 100%
  • Standardized packaging 100%
  • Timely shipping 100%
  • ISO Certified 100%

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The faces of Gilla

Our team is constantly working to innovate and continue growth in the company, develop new brands and product offerings. We take the time to identify new opportunities and think about the ‘big idea’ to serve this forward moving industry. Contact our senior management team for more information.

Graham Simmonds

Chairman & Chief Executive Office


Beju Lakhani

Chief Customer Officer


Ashish Kapoor, CPA, CA, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

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Our Products

Get to know our brands

Gilla’s popular and award-winning brands now include Coil Glaze, The Drip Factory, Craft Vapes, Ohana and Crisp. Gilla also has co-pack agreements to manufacture for an additional 20 E-liquid brands for distribution across the Canadian market. In addition to vigorous brand development and growth, Gilla is committed to supporting vaping advocacy and being a member of various community groups.

What Client Say

We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships. See what our top partners have to say about us.

Dealing with Gilla International has been a pleasure, the level of dedication, experience and knowledge that the Gilla team has brought to our company has proven invaluable, and industry leading. I would challenge any retail company to find a better qualified business partner to work with.

Jody Watt

Retail Operations Manager

Over the course of the last 4 years, we have built a great business together and were able to go from one brand to almost 10 GILLA brands in our portfolio. It’s been an amazing run fueled by mutual respect and a shared focus on innovation in the e-liquid market. We look forward to expanding our partnership in the coming years.

Bert Geens

Vapor Center
Gilla Vape Brands

Our Top International brands

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